New REST API - bundles values manipulation - documentation missing

I use your new REST API quite often, but the documentation is missing a lot of things and I think it would spare a lot of time to your users if they had better one.

I apologize if I missed something in the documentation, however I tried to read and search it very clousely.

I have an example: If you want to add(POST)/remove(DELETE) specific value to/from bundle(e.g. Enum bundle), it is possible, but you will not be able to find that in documentation. You need to guess the endpoint and hope for the best. The documentation tells you how to work with whole bundle but not the specific value.
I found quite a few cases similar to this one.

My question is, are you planning to expand the documentation and I am not talking only about REST API, but the documentation as a whole seems to me as a biggest problem and potencially even a reason why not to use Youtrack, otherwise I think it is a perfect product with great support.

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We are sorry to hear that our documentation didn't help you. I'll try to do it though. 

If you want to add value to a bundle, you can use the following example: We have decided to describe only a few use cases (we chose the most popular ones: - it seems impossible to give detailed examples for all endpoints.

Basically, YouTrack itself uses the same REST API so you can navigate to the developer console, perform YouTrack operation and check the requests that are issued by YouTrack. Feel free to use them as examples - they contain all necessary data including the header and the request payload: 



As for other documentation pain points, would you mind sharing them as well? We'd be happy to improve our documentation to make it more clear and helpful.

I'm looking forward to your reply. 

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