Three questions about free version of YouTrack

(I am a registered, current IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate user.)

If I start with the free version of YouTrack, ...

a) will it keep what I do private?

b) can teammates who aren't JetBrains users yet be numbered among the free users?

c) is there a way to grab my YouTrack data before it's lost (like a YouTrack upgrade, or us moving to a purchased YouTrack license, etc.)"



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Hello Russell,

Thank you for reaching out, please find the answers below:
1. Yes, you can keep your projects private on a free plan. Please make sure the guest account is banned (
2. Yes sure, you decide who is a member of your YouTrack. Here you can find a guide on how to create/invite new users:
3. Generally, when your YouTrack is upgraded or you're moving to another plan, nothing happens with your data, so it's safe to switch to a commercial plan. Answering your question - yes, it is possible to export all your data as a backup ( However, please note that you'll be able to access this data only via restoring it into a YouTrack installation (e.g. you can use any free license for that, both standalone and inCloud ones). 

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

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