Import from Jira broke after upgrade to 2020.03


I update my test local youtrack installation from 2019.02 to 2020.03. Upgrade will successfull. But when I check import from corporate Jira I see that credential lost. I set authenticate to corporate Jira and Youtrack shiw me all project from Jira. I set sync all project. But after some small time I see error about Дата начала (Date begin). I delete this field. Try agenin and see this error, which can't resolve:


0: Не допускается использование имени [Описание] для настраиваемого поля, поскольку оно уже используется для предопределенного поля. 1: Имя одного значения поля не может совпадать с локализованным именем другого значения поля в рамках одного пакета

Official comment

Hi! In case you face errors with the import, it's better to get in touch with the Youtrack support team directly and share the following details: 

* a screenshot or text of the error 
* if you use Youtrack Standalone, then share the logs and version, if Youtrack inCloud — your instance name.

This way, we'll have data that we can examine to identify the root cause of the import error. 


Welcome to the community forums. Could you please elaborate a little bit more on the issue with the custom filed that resulted in its deletion?


The problem appears on version 2020.3.3613 and older. 


Hello! Could you please submit a support request and share a screenshot of the list of all of your custom fields? Also, please share the full logs of your installation.

Thank you.


Sorry, Sergey. For now I install new version with empty base and try to new load from jira, but I have another error and can't reproduced error in topic. 


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