I need to Update a lot of Boards and Projects at the time.

I need to change settings of several Projects on one hand and several Agile Boards on the other hand. For now, I only found out, how to do that 1 Project or Bards at the time. That costs quite some time for 25 Projects and about 55 Boards.


Is there a way to do that for several Bards or Projects at the time. I am thinking of studd like:

- Changing the Visibility of some fields

- Changing (limiting) the change of some fields

- Adding columns to boards

- Changing the Graph form a Burn down to a Burn up

- Updating visibility of fields in the cards

- Changing the query of the Issues to filter...

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I'm Sergey from the Youtrack team.

For these tasks there's no built-in tool to bulk update them somehow, I'm afraid. In this case, you should either do it manually or via REST API

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