No emails going out when assigning to group

I have a custom field with a list of groups in the current project. It's called "Assign to project".

The idea is that when a particular group is selected, the issue is assigned to that group.

When the ticket is saved, the members of that group dont get an email notification there's a ticket in their group.

We are using the cloud edition, and other email notifications are working but this.

How do we resolve this?

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I'm Sergey from the Youtrack team.

Thank you for the message. I'm happy to help you.

The fact that you set up a custom field is not related to the notification settings. The user's notification settings should be adjusted as well. For that, please check our documentation about how notifications work:

The easiest way I believe would be if the users created a saved search for their groups and subscribed to its issues' updates. For example, the search would be 'groupFieldName: {Mygroup}, {Mygroup2}, {etc}'. The detailed instructions can be found in the documentation above. 

If any questions appear, please let me know. 

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