Multiple boards, one issue

Trying to pin issue to different boards at different time, 
1. i place issue on board 1, 
2. then delete it from board 1, and place it on board 2.

When i place issue on board 2 (current sprint) it appears on board 1 (current sprint),

same if i delete it from board 2 (current sprint) it deletes from board 1 (current sprint) 
is it correct behavior?
and how can i fix that to place issue only on 1 board at time?

I used commands:
1. add Board Board1 Current sprint
2. add Board Board2 Current sprint remove Board Board1 Current sprint
The second one command could be splitted, but it doesn't help.

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Hello Nick,

If I am not mistaken, your board sprints are linked to custom field Sprints. That means when you set the Sprints field on an issue to some value, this issue automatically appears on the corresponding sprint of all boards where the project is added to. More details can be found here:

So if you don't want to change the board behavior (sprints are linked to a custom field), the only option is to have different sets of sprint names for each board. 

Other available board behaviors can be found here:

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

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