Email import: access to original email in workflow / storing the original as attachment


we're currently migrating from Fogbugz and are used to a _very_ strong an convenient email workflow and UI.

A few things that I'm trying to get accomplished:

  • Keep the original mail as an attachment
  • format the imported comment from the email in a better visual way with a kind of 'email' header line (using a quote markup + bold header names is fine)
  • create an action workflow that allows us to differentiate between comments and replies. Ideally I'd create an action that opens a comment field for the current user with a prepopulated/formatted comment so the workflow can see that this is intended as a reply and not a comment.



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Hello Christian,

We are discussing the email integration features with you via emails, let's continue there - I will get back to you with a detailed response.

For the reference, I'd mention that we are in the process of enhancing our helpdesk solution and mailbox integration feature, so we expect to add visual differentiation between external and internal comments, raw emails access and others. We have no exact estimations for now, unfortunately.  

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