Gitea - Commits not attaching to cards

Hi all. I'm trying to figure out an issue with my VCS integrations. My setup is something like this:

We're using an LDAP auth module with an email address corresponding to the commiter's address in gitea. Committers are putting commit messages like so: "git commit -m "XX-01 This is a commit to XX".

When the commit is pushed, we can manually attach the commit to the relevant issue, but it will never attach automatically.

Here is my project's integration settings:

Any insight would be helpful.. Thanks!

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I'm Sergey from the Youtrack team.

Thank you for the message. Firstly, we need to examine the logs. Do you use Youtrack Standalone or Youtrack inCloud? If former — send the logs and version, if latter — your instance name. 

You can send the details to our team privately via or at Thanks. 


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