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I'm looking for more documentation about setting the Base URL for YouTrack while using Docker.

I used to use the JAR file over 9090 and then put it behind Apache HTTPD (using https, mod_rewrite and 9443).

I just started to migrate to the Docker version (was 2019.1, now 2020.3), and the wizard is asking me to setup HTTP/HTTPS.

I do want to secure the traffic, and I do have SSL certs. So how do I set it up?

Should I get my local httpd server out of the way (disable settings and restart it)?

I want to keep the Base URL as it was, but what do I set the Listen Port to be? When I started Docker, I used 9090:8080 thinking I was still going to need my local httpd server to handle the secure traffic.

Do I need to change the Listen Address? Just leave it at

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Hello Brian,

I have already replied in the corresponding ticket, but will copy my answer here as well.

You may configure Apache as per the following documentation section and specify the certificate in the configuration, so there is no need in disabling it.

Listen port in the Docker container itself is not changed, so you should configure your proxy server to pass all traffic to the host port that is mapped to the application listen port inside the container.

You have used the 9090:8080, so the host port is 9090. That means that Apache should proxy all traffic to port 9090. Make sure that Apache config was not changed, i.e., that port 9090 is used in ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse directives.

Note that you need to specify the port 8080 as the application listen port when you will restore the previous database.

If all these conditions are met, there would be no need to change the base url.

If your YouTrack installation does not have any specific IP address to listen on, then leave it as default one:

Feel free to ask any additional questions.


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