Not finished installation

I have installed YouTrack (standalone, Win 10). Then I've set up how it was needed. Now about 3 hours I see next:

Setting up JetBrains YouTrack 2020.4
Please be patient and do not close this page until the setup is complete
How much should I wait? Your instructions to setting up in browser for You Track very-very bad.
Official comment

Hello, thank you for your message! As far as I can see, you've already submitted a separate support ticket to us. We'll be happy to help with the installation. The process shouldn't take that long, so something seems to have gone wrong.

Let's investigate, we'll wait for your reply in the corresponding support ticket.

As for the instructions, unfortunately, we only provide documentation in English currently, and we don't have plans to localize the documentation yet.

So and what about Russian language for instructions?


Hi Liubov Dievskaia,


can u link the ticket that you refered to in your post above. I face similar issues and can't find the ticket.


Richardwieditz this is about a private support ticket, not a public one. You can submit a support ticket at If you have some issues installing YouTrack, make sure to include an archive of the logs directory in your ticket reprot. You can upload it to if the size is too big for the ticket form. 


Hey Sergey, thank you for the fast reply. I already figured it out. Restarting the server did the job.

Thanks for the update. Glad to hear that you've resolved it. 

Still though, if anyone faces any issues during the installation, please submit a support ticket and share the logs as suggested above.

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