YouTrack/Upsource Integration SSLPeerUnverifiedException

I have YouTrack and Upsource configured using a shared Hub and am trying to get the integration between the two working. YouTrack and Hub are running together on the same server and Upsource is on a different server. Both have SSL certificates that are signed by the same internal (self-signed CA).

When I go into YouTrack under Upsource Integration Settings I am seeing "Error when connecting to upsource". If i look in the server logs I see "Error when connecting to upsource" and "SSLPeerUnverifiedException: Hostname myserver not verified"

I have made sure the certificate and CA are trusted by the JVM running YouTrack. Is there some other configuration I am missing to make this work?

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Apologies for the delayed answer. You may create a request to our support to receive answers faster.

Please add the Upsource certificate to trusted SSL certificates in Hub and check the integration once again.


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