Search for issues that don't have a certain custom field

Some of my projects have a 'start date' custom field, and some don't.

I'd like to find all issues, across all projects, that either 1) don't have a start date custom field, or 2) have a blank start date field, or 3) have a start date field on or before today.

I know how to do #2 and #3, but I'm stumped on #1. How can I include issues from projects where 'start date' is not a custom field?

Another way to say it is that I want to find all issues, except for ones that have a start date field in the future.

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You can use the following query: has: -{Start Date} . It will list all issues that either don't have this field or have it blank, i.e., both #1 and #2.

But I suggest using the following query to list all issues except for the ones that have a Start Date field value in the future: Start Date: -today .. 

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Thank you Alisa, that's exactly what I needed.


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