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one of your promo pages says:

Add articles globally and per project, organize them in a tree structure, and use powerful full-text search to find your answers in a second

What do you mean globally? I thought that only way how to add an article is to specify a concrete project. It would be great to create articles without specifying project actually.

Thank you for your answer.

Official comment


I'm Sergey from the Youtrack team. 

Thank you for the post.

This is a wording mistake on our landing page. I've already reported it to our marketing content team. It will be addressed soon. Thank you. 

As for the 'all projects' article, I'm afraid it won't work, as the articles' access and structure are based on a single project, similar to how issues work. You can look at it from a different angle, though. You can create a Global project (or whatever you want to name it) and put your article there. Then add a permission to Read articles in this project for all your users. This way you will get globally accessed articles. 

If any questions appear, please feel free to ask. 

Thanky you, Sergey, that's what I thaught.



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