Auth: OIDC (openid connect) Integration

We've tried adding authentication via OIDC via the OAuth2.0 module.

However, it seems that the URL is not composed in a way that the final URL is valid for the OIDC IDP. OIDC is built on top of OAuth2.0 and often provided as a standalone auth configuration.

So it can very well be that the OAuth2.0 module is not suited to work with OIDC. Can you confirm this?

We are running several other services with OIDC integration and comparing their URLs with the one that is composed from Youtrack we think that the URL is not created in a valid way as mentioned above.

Cheers, Patrick


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I'm Sergey from the Youtrack team.

There's no dedicated Auth module for OpenID Connect indeed. At the moment we only provide required endpoints when Hub is user as IdP in the OpenID Connect configuration. 

Here's the relevant feature request in our public tracker that was just recently reported: Please feel free to follow it as all the relevant information, including progress update if any, will be posted there. 

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