Restrict right "create user" to admin only

I've discovered that any user invited to YT can send invitation to others. Is it possible to restrict that to admin only?


Alexey Gladkov.


Official comment

Hello Alexey,

Thank you for contacting us. There is a "Create User" permission that is responsible for creating users. You can revoke this permission so that only admins have it granted ( In this case, other users will not be able to create new users. 

Hope it helps. 

Hi, Anastasia,

Thank you for your help. It was my fault. I granted the role "project owner" to the new user so the right to "create user" was granted too. In a common situation, all new users have the role of "observer" and cannot invite friends and create projects.


Alexey Gladkov


Glad to hear it helped, have a nice day!


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