Create Grant Chart for Project

Hi, I need some help on creating grant chart for issues in project.

So I have a project A

I have 5 objectives from O1 to O5 in project A, 

In each objective have 5 tasks T1 to T5

I want when complete every single task, the Task will mark at 100%, the Objective will mark 20% and so on

It will show how many percentage Objective completed.

I want to know the structure of this. Like what kind of relate we will use or what field is need for that. I just need for the complete or not, don't mention about the spent time.

Please help to explain for me on that.

Thanks & Regards

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Thank you for contacting YouTrack Community Forums.

I believe the best configuration would be to link Objectives and Tasks with parent-child relationship (you can use links for that):

The progress of each card will be controlled by time tracking fields - Estimation and Spent Time. You don't need to fill in Objective's estimation and spent time because it will be automatically calculated from children estimation and spent time values. 

So let's say each task has been estimated in 1 day. In this case, the objective's estimation will be automatically calculated as 5 days. When you log spent time to each task, it will be added to the Objective's total spent time. This provides the percentage of completion you're looking for, it can be seen on the Gantt chart (I've built an approx chart, you may enhance it adding start dates, dependencies, etc):

Also, I'd like to mention that we are now in the process of reworking the Gantt chart. It will become interactive soon and gets some new features to make project planning easier and more productive.
Please let me know if you have any questions. 


Hi Anastasia Bartasheva,

I make some link with basic relation but got the problem.

View in Issues list - tree view:

I look like a loop. 

I'm using Build 2020.6.2904



Could you please also share a screenshot of issue G-59? Normally, YouTrack doesn't allow loops, so I'd like to check what went wrong. 


I'd ask you to create a support request for us to investigate. Could you please also specify your YouTrack build number, standalone or InCLoud version, and share these screenshots and full YouTrack logs? We'll looking forward to your request.


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