Organization (With its Projects) not Visible in Project List

Hi All,

Noticed more than once that when logged in as a particular user we are not able to see projects for which they are owners or the organization to which the project belongs.

In such case the only way to access the project is by searching for it specifically.

It's a behaviour (bug) we have noticed more than once and is very counter-productive and annoying as the user is not able to see at a glance which projects are ongoing and require attention.



are not able to see projects for which they are owners

Can you please share a screenshot of the exact place where you are looking for the project but are not able to see it? Thanks. 


Have disabled the use of all organisations so now my projects are one long list (so I will not be able to produce a screenshot).

However, what I had was one particular organisation that was not showing in the list on the Projects page (top navigation) and all projects underneath it were also hidden.


Thanks for your reply. 

Do I get it right that right now there's no such an organization that you cannot see, so you can't share any other details, right? 


Hi! I have the close problem. 

Created a new project in organization, move some issues from another project to it. 

On project page I don't see new one, but I can find it by filter on this page.

I've also invalidate caches and run diagnostics.

In Hub everything is OK.



Can you please share your YouTrack version you face this error on? 


Build 2022.2.60480


Thanks. I've decided my problem by moving project several times between several organizations.


Thanks for the update.

If you'd like to have it investigated further, I'd like to examine your YouTrack logs. If you use YouTrack Server — share an archive of the logs directory. You can upload it to (it's secure and the files can be downloaded by our team only). If YouTrack Cloud — share your instance name or URL.

You can also create a private ticket via or if you prefer.


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