How to get the tickets in an agile board swimlane via REST?

I see a way of getting the issues for a particular agile board sprint, but i don't see a way of getting the swimlane that an issue is in or asking for the issues in a swimlane , or getting the list of swimlanes 

Is there a route that does this?

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I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team. 

There's no separate resource for that indeed. Theoretically, you can get swimlane settings and retrieve related data based on these settings in separate requests. 

Also, you can get swimlane cells and retrieve data from there. However, this is not documented so I'd not suggest using this approach in the production environment as non-documented entities might be subject to change. To check how it works, you may inspect the network requests our frontend makes on the agile board page using the browser's dev tools. 

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