Fill enums from database or webhook


is it possible to add an enum field to a project and fetch the enum values from an external resource, e.g. a database, webhook or a .csv file at least?
So if a new ticket is created the enum values should be fetch in background and should be added in the dropdown for being chosen?

Thanks for some hints how to achieve!

P.S.: youtrack standalone 2021.1

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Hi Alex,

Thank you for reaching out. Generally yes, you can use YouTrack's REST API to create, update and fetch values of custom fields. Here you can find an example of adding a new value to the set of values:; and here is an example of how you can fetch issue's field value:

REST API specification can be found here: YouTrack also can send REST requests to third-party services using workflows (e.g. on schedule or triggering on some events like issue creation):

Hope it helps. 

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