Tracking a single issue across multiple sprints concurrently

We have a single Agile Board with the issues filtered on a custom field `Releases'. This means that a single issue can appear on multiple sprints. This is fine and works very well for example when we are fixing a bug on multiple active releases (back-porting). However, it falls down a bit when it comes to the testing stage. Testing will be done independantly for each sprint/release. The issue problem comes that the issue has only one Status field and so cannot be progressed independantly for each sprint.

One idea we're considering is having another customer field `Tested Releases` which could be updated when testing is complete for a given release. The idea being that we could then filter the agile board to exclude issues where the sprint exists in the `Tested Releases` field.

Is there a way to set up such a filter. Put another way, is there a placeholder that can be used in a filter to indicate the sprint currently being viewed? Then the filter could be something like: `Tested Releases: - {selected sprint}`

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Hello Sean,

YouTrack doesn't have such a placeholder, unfortunately. The only similar placeholder is the current sprint. So it would be required to change the filter manually for each sprint opened.


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