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It appears that using actual embed codes doesn't work within the Knowledge Base articles? It requires the "embed link" rather than the actual embed code. This creates an issue when trying to embed Google Slides to appear as an actual slideshow within the Knowledge Base article itself. I have used a work-around that allows me to pull the link from the embed code and then include the information within the link that still allows users to scroll through the published Google slides, however, they still cannot access the "Full Screen" features. Using the Google slide "share" link presents the material in the Knowledge Base in a sloppy manner and is not the best option when it should be possible to correctly and successfully embed. Has anyone else run into this issue?

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I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team.

Regarding the Google content, including Google Slides, specifically, it's embedded into an iframe container on the article page if you use markdown syntax. It lets you scroll, enter full screen and interact with content in general. This is a standard approach for such cases when it comes to markdown.

they still cannot access the "Full Screen" features

Can you please elaborate on what you mean? The thing is that you can start presenting and it will enter the full-screen mode. 

in a sloppy manner

Can you share some examples of what exactly works sloppy? 

is not the best option when it should be possible to correctly and successfully embed

Please provide more details about an alternative you have in mind. If you can share some docs, it'll be helpful. As far as I know, embedding an iframe is the way to go for such cases. 


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