Agile board setting - Sprints are not synced


we are facing a very specific problem in out YT. Since this monday our members who have the permissions to edit board are not able anymore which is huge blocker.
When I've checked the board settings I saw this message

Member (project owner) can't add values to "Sprints" in all of these projects
Sprints are not synced with "Sprints" in: "Project_name".
How we can solve this issue?

Thanks for reply.

Well I had to go to the project settings > Custom Fields, then edit the field associated to the sprint they were using.  I made another one field, copied values from the first one, then removed all the existing values and created a new one with original values. Also this is connected to board behavior:

 Link sprints to values for Sprints 

 After that point the message from the agile board dissapeard and project admins were able to do it from the agile board as usual.



I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team. 

If you have some urgent issue, please contact us directly via or This is a community forum, so there's no SLA for replies from the support team. 

As for the initial issue, generally, if you have a board that is linked with some custom field (Sprint in your case) and create a sprint, you actually create a new value for that custom field. This is also done on behalf of the board owner. So in this case, there could be some permission issue that prevented you from creating a field value in one of the projects on the board. Unfortunately, it's hard to pinpoint the exact reason based on the general text description. 

If there are any issues present right now, please let me know so I can request further details to investigate them. Thanks. 


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