Sorting Workflows in directories

Is it possible to sort Worflows in a nested directory strukture similar to the @jetbrains/ folder?

For smaller YT-instances the naming convention of workflows forbidding the '/' and therefor forbidding any kind of directories is just fine but with a growing number of Workflows things are getting messy.
Is there a workaround or any way to sort workflows semantically?

I figured that with an external IDE and the '@' sign worflows can be organised in directories but when uploaded to the YT-Instance all the directories are removed. e.g.: lokal workflow name: @dir1/@dir2/my_workflow -> name after upload: my_workflow

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Hi Andreas!

Thank you for your post. 

As of now, that's not possible to create a deeper directory hierarchy for workflows indeed. In general, it raises a lot of issues in terms of implementing it from the design perspective in the UI, i.e., how to display multiple subdirectory levels on the workflow page. I've shared your idea with the team. I can't promise that this will be implemented, yet we'll definitely consider it. Thank you for sharing this with us!

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