YouTrack sorting by state

Hi All,

An old Jira user. Still getting the hang out of YouTrack.

I'm trying to list not closed issues by:
-> In Progress first, Reopen Second, Open
-> then order by num of votes (watchers)
-> then by priority Descending
-> then by last update Descending

I currently have this query:

order by: State  DESC, votes DESC, Priority DESC, updated DESC

But I'm missing the part where I can select the `state` order.

Is this possible?




I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team. Thank you for the post.

You can go to Projects → Settings → Fields → State. There find the list of values and reorder them as described in the doc:

This way you can define the order they appear when you sort by asc or desc.

Hope this helps!


Brilliant Sergey. Amazing product and a world-class support team.

I'm impressed with how much faster I am with YouTrack and I still don't even have muscle memory.

Thank you very much!


Thanks for the update! Happy to hear that you've been enjoying using YouTrack so far. 

Also, note that this is a community forum. If you'd like to ask the YouTrack support team a question directly, feel free to get in touch via or


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