How to edit Youtrack webhook

Hello all,

I integrated Youtrack with Gitlab, and I notice that when I integrated between them, gitlab automatically added a webhook (e.g https://youtrack.local/api/vcsHooksReceiver/gitlab/165-2) it it seems to work and return response when I test it, but my question is where can I edit the response of the webhook? I didn't find anything in Youtrack documentation, how can I edit the response?

Thanks, Omri.

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I replied to your support ticket but will post a short summary here as well.

Generally, a webhook is an integral part of the VCS integration that sends relevant data to the YouTrack server. A response of a webhook can't be edited.

In this situation, you want to update the issue's State field when a merge (pull) request is opened. This can be done with the help of a workflow. It allows you to customize various YouTrack processes. Basically, you write Javascript code using the predefined entities (objects) to manipulate how different issue-related things work in your YouTrack. In this case, it's possible to trigger a rule when a merge (pull request) is opened. 

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