How to create more then 1 ticket when opening ticket ?

I have this senario in which i when opening new YT 
it will open automatecly 5 YT's that are configured in sprint Y 

For example im opning YT in project "sprints" Category "Client" 
when i press the "new issue" it will take the tamplat YT i defined in sprint Y 

and open them thogeter with the YT i just opend in the same category and same project type and same "effected version"  ( kind of inheritance from YT X ) 
is there any way to do this ? 



I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team.

I'm afraid, I'm not fully following what exactly you'd like to achieve. Could you please provide some screenshots that illustrate what you'd like to do and elaborate a bit further? Thank you! 


Hey Segey , 
Sorry i dont have pictures , its just idea i have . 
But basiclly i like to be able to maintain templates of YT in some board . 
Then if someone open YT based on one of the templates it will know open reltated templates and related links from the knowledge base 
i wrote in youtrack . 
i guess it can be done somehow programmatically ?


Thanks for your reply. 

Do you want to keep some cards, which you call templates, on the board and when users open a card, it also opens some knowledge base links? If so, then, in this case, you can add as many knowledge base links to the card as you wish. However, users will have to open them manually, as there's no option to open all the links in the issue automatically. 

If you meant something else, please let me know. 


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