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Wanted to ask if it is possible, or what the best practice is, to keep an documentation for different versions of an software product up to date?

E.G: there is version 1.0 which for we build a documentation in the knowledge base with, lets say, 100 pages. 
Now, in Version 1.1, 8 of those pages need to be changed because of new / changed functionality. 
At the same time I want my 1.0 customers to be able to have a complete 1.0 documentation but also provide 1.1 customers with the new documentation. 
I would like to avoid to simply copy the pages and the need to duplicate all the content because then i would have to maintain 200 pages. 

Same applies to different language versions where I maybe want to keep the images, the structure of the page, but only change the text.

Thanks and BR

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Hello Christian,

Please accept my apologies for the delayed answer.

Besides copying the articles for different versions or creating different sections for different versions under the same article, I can also suggest using the article Version History. In this case, you can simply keep your articles up-to-date to the latest version, but their history will still be available to anyone with the Read Article permission.

It is not the most elegant solution, but it will help avoid the maintenance of many articles.


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