Track time by specifying start and end


is it possible to track time for an issue by specifying start and end time instead of specifying the amount of time spent? In example: "start 10:30 end 13:55" instead of "3h 25m".

It is ok for me that only the amount is stored in the database but I'd like to be able to input start and end time and let Youtrack do the calculation.

Best regards


Hello Clemens,

You can write a workflow that will automatically add spent time depending on start and end time.


Alisa Kasyanova thank you very much for your answer. I started implementing a custom workflow using an action but I stumbled uppon the problem that it seems to be impossible to pass start and end (datetime) as arguments to the action (see JT-41751). Do you have any recommendation for me how resolve this?


@Clemens John

I suggest using two additional custom fields: Start and End. Create an on-change workflow that will automatically add the spent time when both these fields have some values. You may add the values simultaneously with one command.


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