HTTPS in Docker installation freezes


I am trying to setup a YouTrack instance using a docker installation and the setup procedure seems to freeze if I configure HTTPS.

Specifically, after navigating to the "HTTPS" tab in the "Set Up JetBrains YouTrack 2022.1" page, adding a private key and certificate and pressing the "Next" button, the text "Validating configuration parameters" appears beside the "Next" button and the installation process does not continue, it stays in this state indefinitely.

If I instead configure YouTrack for HTTP rather than HTTPS, the installation completes successfully.

I am using docker-compose to launch the docker container. My compose YAML file is like so:


version: "3.6"
  image: "jetbrains/youtrack:2022.1.46592"
      - "8443:8443"
      - "8080:8080"
      - "./conf:/opt/youtrack/conf"
      - "./logs:/opt/youtrack/logs"
      - "./data:/opt/youtrack/data"
      - "./backups:/opt/youtrack/backups"
    shm_size: "256m"


I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team. 

Most likely, there gotta be something with the certificate or host's port. To provide more details, please share an archive of the YouTrack logs, which you mapped in the volumes section. 

As this is a public forum, you can contact us directly via or


Hi Sergey Merzlov,


Many thanks for your reply. I have contacted YouTrack directly via


Hi Sergey,

I have resolved the issue now. Turns out that I had to configure my system firewall to allow port 443 (even though YouTrack is accessible from port 443). It seems docker modifies the iptables to allow ports on docker containers run with "-p " yet I still had to manually add port 443.

Many thanks for your help


Thanks for your response. 

Glad to hear that you resolved the issue. In your initial config file, though, you map 8443 and 8080 ports, so I'm not sure what the 443 port has to do with this configuration. Nevertheless, glad that it works for you now. 

In general, if you map the 443 port, then only the root user is allowed to occupy ports 80 and 443 on Linux. Therefore, the container should be started under the root account, i.e., with an additional argument to the docker run command: -u root. 


Sorry for the confusion, I meant to say port 8443 rather than 443. Thanks for the help!


Ah, I see, makes sense! Feel free to reach our if any questions appear. 


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