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We'd like to create a separate Youtrack instance to open to the public, in the same way that is setup: where users can sign up to Watch, Comment, and File new bug reports.

The guest account is not enough, as it does not allow people to follow issues by email, and all users 'share' an account, which means all users can edit/delete other users comments. 

However, as far as I can tell, we would need to pay full price for every single public user that registered, even if they only return once every year or two.

Is this correct? Is there any way to request special pricing for these use cases?

How do you intend for this use case to be achieved?

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Thank you for reaching out. This is a perfect use case for the helpdesk scenario. The general idea is that users interact with YouTrack via emails without having an account in YouTrack. They can create issues and comments and receive updates on these issues by sending and receiving emails. From the license slots perspective, you'll only need to have a dedicated user account on behalf of who these issues and comments will be created. You can check the detailed guide on how to configure this setup here:

However, please note that users won't be able to log in to YouTrack since they don't have an account there. That means they won't be able to view or create reports, agile boards, dashboards, or issue lists. 

We are now working on enhancing this configuration. The brand new helpdesk feature is expected to introduce a new license model with "reporters" - users' accounts that are cheaper and have limited functionality like creating, updating and viewing their tickets (similar to what we have on now). Also, we plan to introduce embedded customizable forms for ticket creation, reporters' profiles, etc. The helpdesk feature is in our roadmap for 2021-2022 years but I don't have any exact estimates for you. 

Please let me know if you have any further questions. 


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