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I'm currently evaluating YouTrack in search for alternatives for project mgmt and knowledge base mgmt in particular (we have extensive documentation which is frequently updated and saves the day every day)

A critical feature for us is automatic backlinks ("which issues reference this doc?" "which other docs refer to this doc?" etc). Backlinks are very useful in tools like Aha and Notion, much less usable but still critical in Confluence.

Does YouTrack have backlinks? How can I enable them? Can't find anything in the UI and in the docs far :(


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Thank you for contacting YouTrack community forums. It is possible to mention issues in the articles and vice versa (if you enter an issue id in an article, YouTrack will automatically transform it into a link to this issue). Similarly, you can paste an article id into an issue and YouTrack will transform it into the link to that article. 

Also, it is possible to search for linked issues (e.g. which issues are linked with a certain issue):

We have a feature request to introduce similar links for articles:, please feel free to upvote it, it helps us gauge how much impact this feature has on our customer base. 

Please let me know if I am missing anything in your scenario. 


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