Do not remove tasks with swimlane


please, is there any way to keep subtasks on agile board after removing a swimlane?

This is only what I read in the documentation:

To remove a swimlane from the board and return the issue to the backlog, click the Backlog button to show the backlog, then drag the swimlane to the backlog. All of the cards that are assigned to the swimlane are also returned to the backlog.

That last sentence describes exactly what I don't want to happen. The result is the same, when i apply command "remove Board ... ..." on any card, that is presented as swimlane on the board.

It would be nice if this option could be turned off.

Thanks for response.


Josef Bouska



I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team. 

If issues are added to the board but don't fit into any swimlane, they are automatically added to the 'Uncategorized Cards' section on the board. So you can add subtasks directly to the board, then when you remove their swimlane, subtasks will be moved to the aforementioned section automatically. The way issues are added to the board depends on the board behavior settings. 

Let me know if it helps. 


Hi Sergey,

thanks for the reply, but I'm not interested in adding tickets to the board, but in removing them. I know about the 'Uncategorized Cards' section, it is ok. The problem is instead removing tickets that are hierarchically linked below the parent ticket that is removed from the board.

I'll give you an example. I have a project, under it is user story and under it is tasks. User story is on the agile board as a swimlane and tasks as cards in that swimlane. But if I accidentally add the parent ticket with a project to that board and after that remove it, all the user stories and tasks under it are removed with it from the board (they are returned to the backlog). And I'm wondering if there is any way to turn this behavior off.




Thanks for your response.

I'm not interested in adding tickets to the board, but in removing them

Well, if tickets are not added to the board, they are removed. So in your case, if you remove the swimlane without adding its cards to the board separately, there's no way to keep them on the board. 


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