Parent issues are not crossed out when resolved


After I played around with a state type field of a project (added/removed conditions, added/removed another state type field) parent features are not crossed out when resolved. I reverted the field settings to the best of my knowledge.

I've double-checked that these state values are marked as resolved and the project has only one state type field without any conditions in Advanced Settings. 

Any ideas what could be the reason?

UPDATE with screenshots:

Fields configs:

State field, full list of values:

Example of issue:

FT-75 is the parent of FT-76.

While preparing screenshots I've noticed that if I remove a non-resolved Related To issue dependency, then the Feature issue gets crossed out and stays crossed out even if I introduce the dependency back.

Youtrack bug?

Many thanks,


Hello Victor,

Please attach a screenshot of the Fields page for the affected project with State field values visible. It would also be helpful if you attached a screenshot of any affected issue.


Hello Alisa,

I've updated my original post with screenshots and an additional scenario(in bold) that I've discovered. Possibly some default workflows were disturbed while I was playing around with state fields.


There are no default workflows that use Relates to links. There are workflows that reopen a parent issue if some of its subtasks are opened. Have you edited it? Check the workflows that are attached to the project and try to disable them one by one.


As you can see per my last screenshot the state field value of the not crossed-out parent issue is not changed - Verified. So the parent wasn't reopend by the workflow you specified.

To get parent features crossed out I had to remove/re-introduce dependencies (of any type) OR simple change the state of the issue and change it back. E.g. the FT-75 issue from the screenshot I marked as Fixed (got crossed out) and when I marked it Verified again it stayed crossed out.

So for me, it looks more like a Youtrack bug. Seems like crossing out wasn't replied when the additional state field was removed or additional settings were reverted back.

For me, this is not an issue, as I discovered a workaround and I am happy to use it. But perhaps the JetBrain team might want to look into it.

Thank you very much for your assistance!


Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce this behaviour. If the additional state field was removed, then the parent issue should become crossed out again after a simple reload of the page. So currently, I cannot tell for sure why this happened, but anyway, glad that you have found a workaround!


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