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we want to use YouTrack as Helpdesk and use the mailbox integration. 
Is it possible to add the signature of the support agent, who added the last comment in the ticket? 

So that if the customer receives his answer as mail, he can see the signature of the agent? 

I know, that it is possible to use the workflow -> "Notify multiple unregistered users" -> add something like
"workflow.i18n('best regards ') +

But this only shows the name of the agent. 
Is there any way to give the agents some signature? 

Thank you in advance! 

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I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team. 

You can add a custom user attribute that will be added to user's profiles as a text field. You can name it 'Signature' and have these users fill it in (or do it for them). The only problem here is that there's no multi-line support, so the signature should be entered in a single line. I created a feature request in our public tracker to address it. Please feel free to vote for it.

Then you can access this attribute via a workflow as well:['Signature'].

Hope this helps.

If any questions appear, let me know. 

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