Milestone spent time visualisation on a dashboard swimline

I want to have an understanding how many time I've spend on my personal project on which I'm working alone. Time-reports aren't fit my need they are too complex and unclear.

Is it possible to configure a dashboard with milestone-based swimlines to show a 'spent time' in a swim line header?

a.e. now the swimline header looks like "> ${milestone_ticket_name} ${ticket_id}" and I want to see it like "> ${milestone_ticket_name} ${ticket_id} ${ticket_time_spent}"



Thank you for contacting YouTrack community forums. I'm afraid there is no way to add additional information to the swimlane header out of the box. 

There is a way though to tweak it as follows: create an on-change workflow that will fire each time the spent time is changed and add the respective value to the ticket name. Workflows are scripts written in JavaScript or composed in a workflow constructor that extend YouTrack's functionality. You can read more about workflows here

However, would you mind describing your scenario in detail? I may come up with a simpler solution. For example, parent issues automatically store a sum of their children's estimations and spent time, so you could use an issues list page to display milestone issues and their spent time: 

Will it work for you? 


Anastasia Bartasheva, thank you for a detailed response. Most likely I'll use your suggestion with a JS script.

The use-case: I want to be able to see the amount of time I've spent on the project/milestone.
It isn't for billing. I'm a solo developer and want to see the overall values. Just for me. To know how many times I burned for a milestone and a whole project.
The default time report is too detailed for my need.


Thank you for the details. I guess an issue list would be the simplest way to go here as it will display the time you spent on each milestone (as long as a milestone is an issue). You can also filter this list to get issues that match your current needs (e.g. milestones created this year or resolved milestones).

JS script should work too but will require an additional programming effort. 
Hope it helps. 


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