Time tracking: how to specify remaining time

Currently for each task, we can add the original estimation and then add spent time.

The burndown chart shows the 'Remaining Effort', which seems to be : estimation - spent time.

However, this is not always accurate. You may realize at some point that you need more or less time to actually finish the task. In Jira, you have the option to specify the spent time and then specify the remaining time.

How to achieve this in Youtrack?

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Hello, thank you for contacting the YouTrack forums. There is a concept of Original and Current estimations that is created to solve this problem.

The Original estimation field stores the estimation value as determined prior to the start of the sprint, while the Current estimation field stores the estimation value as it changes during development. When you track the original and current estimation, the burndown is automatically increased or decreased based on any estimation values that are added to the sprint. 

Will it work for you?


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