Need to update current date time upon state change

So we are working on a requirement where on the state change(for eg. from "open" to "dev in progress") we need to autoupdate a field(eg. "dev start date") with the date time on which it was updated on.

I am not sure what code to be used in workflow to implement this. Please suggest.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Alankar Dhuri

Such logic can be implemented by means of our Workflow Constructor.

In this example, when the State value changes from Open to Fixed, the Start Date field is updated to the current date.


Alisa Kasyanova I have already tried this. But I am not able to figure out what to be mentioned in the rule is triggered.

I tried but of no use.


Alankar Dhuri This should work fine. Are you sure that the workflow is triggered? To check this, add another block in Actions, for example

This would show a message in the bottom right corner when the workflow is triggered.


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