URLs of knowledge base articles are changed

Hello, after updating the version of the application (from 2021.4.36179 to 2022.2.55618), the URLs of articles in the knowledge base have changed.

Is it possible to return the previous behavior?






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I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team.

In the 2022.2 release, we unified the behavior between articles and issues, which allow users to see what the issue or article is about without opening it. As part of this change, Cyrillic characters were transliterated to Latin ones. It's not possible to change it.

Can you please share a few words as to why you'd like to revert it in your case?

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I asked around the developers and didn't get any feedback. Problem solved. Thank you.

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I received some feedback.

Let me clarify my question.

Can short links be returned?

Testers and developers edit the address bar in the browser to go to the task.

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Thanks for your response.

Knowledge base links have always had an issue summary included. I assume that your team is referring to the issue links, which recently changed. There's no option to revert this behavior. Yet, to easily copy a short link, they can use a CMD (CTRL) + C + C shortcut on the issue page. 


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