Move unfinished user stories from a previous sprint after creating the new sprint


we currently use JIRA on premises and are quite satisfied with it, but need to move due to the changed licensing policy.

While evaluating YouTrack I noticed, that it seems as if I can only move user stories from a previous sprint to a new sprint in the dialogue where I create the new sprint.

Isn't there any functionality to do this at a later point in time?

Our use case is, that we create new sprints while the previous sprint is in its last stages, so it is actually not quite finished, yet. Still, we do the planning and discussion for the new sprint already and therefore we create the new sprint already.

In JIRA there is the following kind of processing which is IMHO quite intuitive:

It has the concept of "completing a sprint". When completing a sprint, it asks what to do with the unfinished user stories. They can either be moved to the backlog or, if it exists, another uncompleted sprint. That makes a lot more sense, IMHO. From my understanding a sprint kind of "owns" a user story and when it is completed (is that "archived" in YouTrack terms?), unfinished user stories can then be given up by the sprint and moved to another sprint or into the backlog.

There should be no necessity that the point in time when I create a sprint has to be related to the point in time, when an ungoing sprint needs to give up governance on its unfinished user stories.

So, I would at least expect another dialog somewhere else on a sprint to move its unfinished user stories into the backlog or an ongoing sprint (selectable from a list).

Is there something like that?

TIA and regards,



Hello Andre,

You can select necessary cards on the board, and in the bottom right corner, you'll see the Move to the next sprint button. In fact, you can use it to move cards to any other sprint or backlog:


Ah, cool, didn't see it. But sometimes we have 10+ unfinished user stories at the end of a sprint. Do I have to select each of them or is there a bulk select feature somewhere?

Additionally, I think this option belongs intothe archive function.

Furthermore or maybe complementary to the archive function there should be a "Complete Sprint" function. There is already a "Start Sprint" function. I think it is irritating to be able to start a sprint but not complete it and that would exactly be the place to put the option "Move unfinished user stories to either backlog or Sprint XYZ". Not only because JIRA does it that way, but because it actually makes sense, IMHO.


Thank you for your feedback! I agree that it would make sense in scenarios when the sprint is not scheduled. We have a feature request to have start/finish actions for sprints, so please vote for it.

As for the bulk select: you can use Ctrl/⌘ to select multiple cards at once.


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