Could not resolve YouTrack user

Hello, Support Team.

We use standalone YouTrack Build 2021.2.19255

And there is one small issue: we have three active users and for one user we can get complete integration with GitLab.

Username in the YouTrack is 'Daniel Kaminski' but when this user makes a commit from the GitLab then the YouTrack recongnizes his name as 'Daniel', so commit's commands are not executing.

This user on the GitLab:

We had the same issue for another user, but after fixing his Full name on the GitLab the problem has gone.

However, for this user it's not helping.

I saw this post, but, unfortunately, it did not help me:




I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team. 

Please go to your GitLab project → Settings → Webhooks → Find a push hook for the related commit from this user and check what name GitLab sends there in the request body. Then copy this name and add it to the VCS usernames in the user profile in YouTrack. 


Sergey, thank you for this quick and useful response.


You are welcome!

If you have any questions left, please let me know. Note that you can also contact us directly via or


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