Export knowledge base as markdown files

Hey everyone,

To us, the most precious thing is our documentation, is there a way to backup / export the whole knowledge base or single articles as md files?

That would be so good as a feature, you see, We can backup the database but do nothing with it except load it in to another Youtrack istance.

Allowing users to export as markdown files could make youtrack really open in the regard of "owning your data".


Thank you

Official comment


I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team.

Currently, there are no built-in tools to export articles other than using the REST API or browser's 'Save as PDF', I'm afraid. We have a related feature request in our public tracker that also covers .md export: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/JT-58904/Export-articles-in-batch-mode. Please feel free to vote for this issue. This helps us gauge how much impact this feature will have on our customer base, and you’ll also get subscribed to the issue’s notifications. To do so, sign in to JetBrains YouTrack and hit a thumbs-up icon.

Thank you Sergey.

I did vote for that 



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