License when migrating to cloud

We are in the process of evaluating and potentially moving to cloud from on-prem.

In doing so I was reviewing the security and "Safeguard Your Installation" documentation. When I come to "Restrict Anonymous Access" I see this info box (

Instances that use the old free 10-user plan do not let you modify permissions for or ban the guest user account. You are also unable to restrict the visibility for issues, comments, and attachments. All of your projects are public. The new free plan for up to three users is not subject to this restriction.


Does this mean free in cloud is open by default, if you go above 3 users or came from the max 10 users plan? Also I've never heard or seen anything else about a "up to three users free plan". Where is the info regarding this? I found this rather confusing. Thanks for any insight.

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I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team.

Sorry for the confusion. This is actually quite outdated information that was not removed from the documentation. We'll update it shortly. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Currently, the YouTrack Cloud free plan has two limitations only: 10 users max and no custom logo. Other than that, everything is exactly the same as in a paid subscription.


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