Addition of Storypoints does not work when User-Stories are swimlanes

Hello there,

this is my first post here in the forum and first I`d like to thank the guys from JetBrains for giving us this excellent piece of software.

We are a small team of product-developers in the field of fuel-cell-technology, coming from Jira and have started our first sprint with YouTrack today.

My concern, and I hope someone can help me in this regard, is as follows:
We are used to work with user-stories as swimlanes and tasks as cards since 2013, when we implemented scrum in our team. Back in those days we had a physical board. It was no problem to stay with that in Jira and I was very pleased to see, that I can simply configure that in YouTrack also. But:

  • What we are missing is the ability to show the storypoints, a userstory has, in the swimlane. 
  • It would be nice to have the sum of storypoints on the board when swimlanes are used. When we use no swimlanes, it works as expected.

Did I miss something here? Is there any way to manage this?

I searched the internet and this forum for "swimlane", "storypoints", etc. but did not find any hints into the right direction.

Thank you in advance for your support and stay safe and healty, everybody!

Cheers Matt

Hello Matt,

I'm Lena from YouTrack. Thank you for the kind words! I will do my best to help you with this task.

First, you have the unchecked setting "Show swimlane for uncategorized cards at the top of the board". As these tasks are not on the board, and their story points are not counted. Please ensure that the rest of the cards on the column have story points defined.
If it is so, I would ask you to create the issue in our Support Center and attach the board settings (each tab except the Chart one):


Hello Elena,

Thank you for your fast reply.

We do not have any uncategorized cards, so I think this should not affect the sum of storypoints.

We only estimate the user-stories - the tasks related to the user-stories remain unestimated.
But when we use the user-stories as swimlanes, YouTrack totally ignores the storypoints.
The picture in my initial post shows the same board with the same stories and tasks on it - the difference between the pictures above and below the red line is the switch to swimmlanes. You can see that the sum of storypoints drops from 33 to zero.

A little sidetopic is a matter of convinience: Would it be possible customize the data displayed in swimlanes, equal to the settings for cards?

Thank you for your support - I am looking forward to your reply.

Cheers Matt



This is unexpected behaviour. Please create a ticket in our Support Center - it looks like we require a deeper investigation. 


Hello Elena,

as you suggested I made a ticket, running under 

Request #4529280

Cheers Matt


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