How to query specific agile board inside project

I want to create a filter to display all the things in the specific agile board inside the project. When I write :

project: {Project Name} Board Name

It displayed the data incorrectly. The "Board Name" is the agile board which has several sprints along with the type & state. How do I create the filter correctly?


I'm Lena from the YouTrack Team. I will do my best to help you.

Could you please specify if you wish to display the issues from a particular sprint or all sprints?

Hi Lena,

We need to display all the sprints in specific agile board inside the project. The hierarchy is in a Project A contains 5 agile boards (Agileboard1, Agileboard2, etc). in Each Agileboard, contains 5 sprints. The goal is to filter all sprints inside particular Agileboard1 in Project A.


Thank you! Please use the following syntax:

Project: {Project A} and Board Agileboard1: {sprint 1}

Refer for the details here:

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