Can't edit other users' posts


I want the user to add the ability to edit all articles, I created a role for this and set the rights for it as in the screenshot and added this role to the user. However, the user still cannot edit other people's articles.

How can I make the user have the ability to edit other people's articles?



I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team.

Such a role should be granted in the project where an article resides, so please make sure that this is the case. If you don't see any issues, please share the following details:

  • go to Settings → Access management → Users → Open the user in question → Roles → search for permission: {Update Article} and share a screenshot of the page

  • share a screenshot of the article view from the user's perspective

Note that this is a public forum. If you want to submit a private ticket, please fill in a direct request at We'll be happy to help.


In my case it looks like this.

I have previously created the Knowledge Base ADMIN role in which the list of rights that I sent you above is assigned.


This is what the article looks like from the user's point of view


Thanks for your response.

Please proceed to the following page yourYoutrackURL/admin/ring. On this page, click the buttons Sync, Export, Invalidate caches, and then Run diagnostics. Then apply quick fixes if there are any.

If it doesn't help, let's check the logs as well. Do you use YouTrack Server or YouTrack Cloud? If the former — send the logs (you can upload it to and share the ID), if the latter — your instance name or URL so that I'll examine the logs.


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