Field missing a value when I create new card. After I create a new field for this in one day same happening.


i have a problem, I am out of ideas why it's happening. There is a Type field, with 5 value, but when I create a card there is only 4 value. You can see on the two pictures. User Story is missing when i create a new card.

What I tried: 

  • Created a new Type value from scratch, after 1 day one of the value disappeared
  • Make an idependent copy, form other project (default demo project) after 1 day one of the value disappeared
  • Using Type from other project, after 1 day one of the value disappeared

When I create a new type, for about 1 day all value appear, then one of it disappears. Why is that? Is it a bug?


Hello Janka,

I'm Lena from the YouTrack Team.

Unfortunately, I could not reproduce the issue in the testing environment. Could you please contact our Support Team directly: ? We will ask you for some additional information which may be sensitive.

Thank you. 

Created one. Id number: #4750125

Thank you! I see it! I will text you there.

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