Resource Allocation per Issue for multiple assignees

Assuming that multiple assignees in one issue exist (it not do tell or how to fix it if it is not out of the box) the main question is can i have resource allocation per assignee and how to set it and to get it to report and export? 

Example :

Task/Issue: Creation of a document:

Assignee One : George 

Assignee Two : Mary

George has to create the file and to spend 7h for this and Mary to overview and spend 1 hour. In total the task has 1d=8h to be delivered. Each user can login and place the time that they have spend. But can i have this per user analysis to know who spend more or less time on it? 

As i said before does youtrack have this type of report lets say automated (or how to create it) and export so we can take the data out for further analysis (i suppose we can take the also with api connection)?



Thank you for contacting YouTrack forums. Yes, you can specify multiple assignees in one issue. To do that, you need to configure the Assignee field to have multiple values:

However, there is no native support of resource allocation yet. 

Here is what you can do:

1. Build a timesheet or time report based on the spent time reported by users. In this case, you will see how much time has been spent per user or per issue and will be able to track the workload of different teammates. It is possible to export the time report to excel or csv to process it further if needed. 

2. You can fetch logged spent time using the REST API and process it further with some third-party tool. 

Please let me know if it works for you. 


Thank you for your answer i understand that timesheet report for the burned hours is possible but the goal is to achieve comparison between assigned and burned and it is not always one task - on assignee or equal time distribution between assignees of the task.

So this functionality does not exist in youtrack. It is sad cause this is basic on Project Management Tools.

Is it in plan to be done and if it is how soon?


We have plans to work on planning tools in YouTrack but I'm afraid there are no estimations on that yet and I can't guarantee this exact functionality will make it into the final release.
Meanwhile, I think there is a couple of options to work this around:
1. Split issues into smaller tasks that have only one assignee each to manage estimated and actual spent time.
2. Fetch logged spent time using the REST API and process it further with some third-party tool.
Hope it helps.


Could  you please provide any update on this topic.


Hello Kyriakos Pavlidis!

Unfortunately, there are no further updates. The planning tools feature is in the research state, so not much can be shared at this point. However, it's unlikely to include the options you are looking for in the initial iteration. 


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