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is it possible to edit a ticket that has already been created in the helpdesk? Unnecessary text or attachments often have to be removed.


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This is Julia from YouTrack Support.

M. Mrenica is right: at the moment there's no way to edit a ticket, but a corresponding feature request has been registered.

Helpdesk is a brand-new YouTrack feature, so it might see a lot of changes and improvements with time. And whereas we cannot guarantee if and when this particular functionality will be implemented, it's very important for us to gauge how much impact it would have. So, please feel free to vote for the "Summary field should be editable" feature request, and let us know if you have any other feedback!

I would like to know the same thing, there is no option to edit an existing ticket but such basic feature has to be there.


I am using a locally hosted YouTrack server, and I am still unable to edit the description of a Help Desk issue.  I can edit comments on the issue, just not the original description.

Build 2024.1.26294

Monday, March 11, 2024



Hi asthomas !

Are you an agent in the Helpdesk project? Only agents can edit the tickets.


Yes, I am a help desk agent.  I can edit any comment that I added to the issue, but not other agents' comments.  I cannot edit the issue description whether or not I created the issue.



asthomas as for the comments: make sure that your role in this project has the Update Not Own Issue Comment permission.

As for the description: it appeared that only summary can be edited. Sorry for the confusion! We'll change the documentation accordingly.


I added “Update Not Own Issue Comment”, and that allowed me to edit other agents' comments.  I am still able to edit the subject line of the help desk issue, but I am not able to edit the description of the issue.

When you say that you will change the documentation, do you mean that it is intentional that help desk issue descriptions can never be modified?  I think it would be nicer to make the description editable.



Hi asthomas. Helpdesk ticket descriptions cannot be modified by design, which is a standard approach in many ticketing systems (including YouTrack's helpdesk functionality). At the moment, there are no plans to introduce such an option.


I am curious to know why help desk descriptions cannot be modified.  We routinely deal with help desk issues where the initial description is incoherent, incomplete, or incorrect.  Of course we can add a new comment to the ticket, but that means that a new agent joining the ticket or a manager overseeing the agent needs to search the ticket history looking for clarifying information.  It would be much more efficient all around if we can clarify the ticket description in place.


Let's say you submit a request somewhere, have some conversation within that context, and decide to check that request after a while.  You may not be happy to find that your own messages have been modified by someone else, especially since you can compare them to the emails that you sent. 

If you would rather have a better description made by your agents be visible within the ticket body, you can add a text field to the helpdesk project. This field can be used by agents to leave their own notes:


I am confused.  I found this page:

And on this page, I see this text:

Other Enhancements

We've made it possible for helpdesk agents to update the summary and description in helpdesk tickets. This should be useful in situations where customers use the same summary for multiple tickets or editing this information can help solve the problem faster.


That is what I want to do.  How can I enable it?


Unfortunately, this text is wrong. Thanks for spotting that—I've left a note to our docs team to fix it. The correct text can be found in Editing Tickets:

After a ticket is created, an agent can update its summary.


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