Version field as column in agile board

Is is possible to use a Version field as the column in an agile board? I am the product manager and I would like to create a new agile board to view user stories across multiple releases - essentially a roadmap board.  We currently use one agile board that shows sprints independently via the sprint selection, with user stories as swim lanes and then tasks as cards within each swim lane.  I would like a higher level view that shows all releases as columns and just the user stories as the cards in each column. I do not see the sprint field as a column option in an agile board only other fields that are enums. Any ideas how this can be achieved?



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It is possible if your Version field is single-value and of state or enum types.

Please let me know if it helps.


It would be much nicer if this were supported for version fields, as I don't want to duplicate data and get mismatches between my Sprints (version type) field and my Planned Version (custom enum type) field.


Hi Matt! 

You can write a workflow rule that syncs the Sprint field value with the Planned Version field value if they are equal in your case. This way, you won't have to sync them manually. See the example in the on-change rule documentation that can help you understand how it works: 

As for being able to use the version type for columns, we've had a related feature request for a while: So far, it hasn't seen much demand, I'm afraid. 


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