User without 'admin' role can't see backlog

Hi all,

How make that user without 'Administrator of project' or 'Admin' role can see backlog?

I checked again and see that "backlog" button is disabled for not-admin role user but this user can open any backlog page by way adding ?backlog in URL of agile page.

As developer I want see backlog by clicking backlog icon.

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Thank you for bringing our attention to this behaviour. Normally, a user should be able to access the backlog if a user can access the board. I have reproduced it on my test machine and can confirm this to be a bug. I have created a request for developers to check it: Please subscribe to this issue to get a notification when its status is changed.

As a workaround, I suggest adding the user in Agile Board > board name > Settings > Can edit board settings list, or adding this user to any of the groups selected there.


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