User without 'admin' role can't see backlog

Hi all,

How make that user without 'Administrator of project' or 'Admin' role can see backlog?

I checked again and see that "backlog" button is disabled for not-admin role user but this user can open any backlog page by way adding ?backlog in URL of agile page.

As developer I want see backlog by clicking backlog icon.



Thank you for bringing our attention to this behaviour. Normally, a user should be able to access the backlog if a user can access the board. I have reproduced it on my test machine and can confirm this to be a bug. I have created a request for developers to check it: Please subscribe to this issue to get a notification when its status is changed.

As a workaround, I suggest adding the user in Agile Board > board name > Settings > Can edit board settings list, or adding this user to any of the groups selected there.



The bug you linked above is marked as 'obsolete'. However, the issue still seems to be there in 2021.4.35970. My team can't see the backlog unless I grant them board editing rights (which I don't want to).

edit: I figured out that sharing the backlog's saved search with my team fixes the issue.


Lukas Heiniger, how do you share the backlog's saved search?  When I click on the backlog, I see that the saved search 
"is not visible to you"

Also Alisa Kasyanova, will this bug get fixed?   

Thank you, 



Hello Rose,

We marked this issue as obsolete because it stops reproducing in the latest versions. As for the saved search, could you please specify your role and if you are added to the "can edit" settings of the board? If the reply contains private data, please submit a request to our Support Center. We will do our best to help you. 


We are experiencing this same bug (backlog icon is greyed out for team members with 'Contributor' access) in the current version of the software, Build 2023.1.11071.  I can share saved searches to allow access to subsets of the backlog, but the work around is clunky.  Any chance on getting this resolved?

Could you please make sure that the users have a Contributor role in the scope of all projects mentioned on the board? If it is so, please contact our support team as described in the message above. We will request some additional data for investigation.

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